Welcome to the website for the Collins Group, a synthetic chemistry research group led by Dr Beatrice Collins based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol. Our research is focused on the design and development of autonomously operating molecular motors. Our approach involves the use of modern synthetic methodologies—transition metal catalysis, photoredox catalysis, enzymatic biocatalysis—to tackle the challenges posed by the development of these out-of-equilibrium functional molecular systems.

To learn more about our research programme and who we are, please explore the website. For more information you can contact Beatrice directly by email.


June 2021 - Welcome Emma and Olivia!
Following their mini project rotations at the end of last year, both Emma and Olivia have decided to join us for their PhDs which will focus on sequential linear motion and controlled single bond rotation respectively. We're delighted to have you two on board!

May 2021 - Congratulations to the Merck Competition Team
We want to congratulate our team of Greg, Jordan, Ben, Aidan, Michael, Olly and Carlijn who competed in the 3rd Annual Merck Compound Challenge and have come in the top 15 out of 243 teams! Well done everyone!

April 2021 - Goodbye Carlijn!


We wave goodbye to Carlijn and wish her all the best for her future research. Thank you for doing such a brilliant job on the project!

January 2021 - Welcome Jordan and Carlijn

Carlijn joins us group from the the Feringa Group in the Netherlands and will be working with Michael for the next 3 months on linear molecular-level motion.

Jordan joins the group from Strasbourg as a new post-doc to work in collaboration with the group of Professor Jonathan Clayden on a biocatalytically-driven autonomous rotary molecular motor.


Welcome to both of our new team members!

December 2020 - New Horizons Award

Beatrice is awarded a New Horizons Award from UKRI for a project entitled "Oscillating Photostationary States for Molecular Cargo Transport". This award will support a postdoctoral research associate to work on autonomous light-fuelled motion at the molecular level.

November 2020 - Welcome Emma!

Emma Hollis joins the group from the CDT in Technology Enhanced Synthesis for her 6 week mini-project. Emma will be working with Michael on linear molecular-level motion - welcome Emma!

October 2020 - The group moves to the fifth floor

The group has moved to their new home on the fifth floor - well done everyone on a smooth move!

October 2020 - Welcome Natalie!

Natalie Awcock joins the group for her final year project from the MSci with Industrial experience course at the University of Bristol. Natalie will be investigating metal migrations to support the group's work on linear molecular-level motion.